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The story started


Dodson Development will increase the success of your company by using geospatial data technology. A specific method is with a Geographic Information System (GIS), which is a computer program that collects, manages, analyzes, and displays geospatial data and other corresponding information. This ultimately allows users to develop conclusions for multiple applications. Businesses are one of the major users of GIS because of the advantages it gives to companies and industries. GIS stores valuable data that can provide businesses with helpful information when analyzed, and this evolves into assisting with decision making. For instance, businesses benefit from GIS because it allows them to analyze and visualize trends that would offer the most consumers and profit. Looking at data that is about demographics, the environment, and surrounding infrastructure can help businesses choose where they would like to start or expand a company. It can also further help by tracking products, employees, and consumers. Additionally, GIS allows for the visual interpretation of data so that others can engage and easily comprehend the presented information. Overall, geospatial data and GIS aids with problem solving and results in better informed decisions for businesses. 

     Dodson Development’s purpose is to support companies by creating a successful web presence that allows you reach certain customers. Dodson Development creates a plan and generates strategies to help your company, and this is done by using specific products that consist of GIS, such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Story Maps. Utilizing these products with Dodson Development will provide an advantage to your company. It will allow for an analysis of data that assists in making strategic decisions and display the information in an appealing and informative manner. Using the services at Dodson Development and GIS products will ensure your company is successful and make it grow so that it is taken to the next level!